handmade church altar

An Altar and cabinet made for St. Saviour, a local church in Retford.  We were asked to make a small, movable altar and two cabinets for storing hymn books etc.

The Altar is constructed in solid Oak with an inlaid cross in 3000 year old Bog Oak. We also used the Bog Oak for the decorative wedges in the exposed through tenons.

The cabinet is also made in solid oak with the doors securely braced to prevent warping.

church cabinet

All of our pieces can be modified to accommodate your specific requirements. We can alter dimensions, timbers, colours and finishes.

We provide a complete design and manufacture service for all of our commissions resulting in unique, beautifully crafted pieces that are made for you.

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Altar & cabinet for St Saviour church
Altar with bog oak cross
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