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All of our pieces can be modified to accommodate your specific requirements. We can alter dimensions, timbers, colours and finishes.

We provide a complete design and manufacture service for all of our commissions resulting in unique, beautifully crafted pieces that are made for you.

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HMS Victory oak chairs

When HMS Victory was refurbished, some of the old bits of wood were collected and sold. The owner of some spectacular pieces commissioned us to make eight chairs with the panels displayed in the top.

The panels were created by joining the fragments of Victory oak in a resin. Each panel also has an iron filling inlay of Nelson's battle plan.

We developed our standard ladder back chair to have a higher, back so that even when being sat on, the Victory oak panels can be seen. We used bright red real leather for the upholstery and 3000 year old bog oak for the detailing on the joints.

HMS Victory wood
hms victory oak chair
hms victory oak chair