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We provide a complete design and manufacture service for all of our commissions resulting in unique, beautifully crafted pieces that are personal to you.

All of our pieces can be modified to accommodate your specific requirements. We can alter dimensions, timbers, colours and finishes.

How to commission a piece of furniture

1. Decide on your budget.
You will get some idea of cost by looking through our furniture gallery. Please remember that the type of timber and complexity of detailing can affect the price considerably. We can usually work within a budget that you set.

2. Style?
Think about the style of furniture that appeals to you, maybe you like our high back dining chairs but not the tables. We can take any of the designs shown and adjust them to suit your needs and taste.

3. Size?
Note the space available for the new piece, or if you like, provide a floor plan of the room showing where the furniture is to be situated. Photographs or sketches of the room and any interesting architectural features can be very useful. Sometimes these spark off great ideas.

4. What is its function?

a. Cupboards and storage
Supply a list for the type of thing you plan to keep in the cupboard i.e. crockery, glasses, cutlery etc.
If you require display areas list the items to be displayed or give an indication of what they might be.
Do you require glass doors or open shelving?

b. Dining sets
How many people will you need full place settings for? How many chairs?
Do you require an extending table?.

c. Bedrooms
Normally requires a site visit but some of the other points are valid. The more you can define your needs the easier it is for us to come up with solutions.

d. Desk
Is it for a computer or is it a writing desk?
Is it for a domestic or office situation?
Do you require separate filing cabinets or filing drawers included?
Do you want to be able to close it all away as in a roll top desk or do you just want plenty of workspace?

e. Batch made items
Some of our furniture is made in batches i.e. CONVERTABLE, our nesting tables, music stands, and Lapp - iPad stand. These items are designed and made by Griffin + Sinclair LTD.
Existing designs from our portfolio, other than the batch produced items, can be changed to suit special requirements.

f. Large or corporate projects
Boardroom tables and large projects will normally need a site visit please contact us to arrange a convenient appointment.

5. How we present ideas
We will normally supply dimensioned sketches with a perspective view of the proposed design. This should give a good idea of our proposal. After consultation we will make any adjustments necessary to our design to suit your needs, and will submit revisions for your approval.

6. Do we charge for our designs?
Not necessarily.
A big project such as a site visit and design of a bedroom similar to those shown on our bedroom pages would cost £150 This amount would be refundable against the final cost of the bedroom furniture if you continue with the project. Our fees only cover expenses.

7. Deposit
We ask for a 1/3 deposit with your order, the balance being due on delivery.

8. Delivery
Delivery time varies depending on the job. Batch produced furniture is normally six to eight weeks from date of order. Please expect longer for bespoke pieces.

9. Woodland Trust
Once the job is complete, we will arrange for a tree to be planted by the Woodland Trust in our local forest and you will receive a certificate with information about your tree.

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