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All of our pieces can be modified to accommodate your specific requirements. We can alter dimensions, timbers, colours and finishes.

We provide a complete design and manufacture service for all of our commissions resulting in unique, beautifully crafted pieces that are made for you.

Circular sculpted oak dining table and chairs
Circular table with blue leather chairs
Chairs with detailing
Circular detailing center

Circlemoore table and chairs

This extending dining table and chairs was beautifully carved and shaped using Oak and Sycamore.

The backs of the chairs are hand shaped from solid oak giving an excellent back support.

The round motifs are in Sycamore with a hand carved textured surface to give contrast, visual interest and continuity The single circle in the table turns into two when it is extended.

Please allow around £10,000 for similar.
£5,200 for extending table
£4,800 for 8 chairs

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